The story is taken from Luke 24.

Jesus had died.

The long awaited Messiah that was prophesied of had been crucified. His disciples were distraught - feeling immense grief and despair at the loss of their teacher, brother, friend and King. 

As some of the disciples came to His tomb three days later, they found something they did not expect.

The tomb was empty...

Jesus had risen from the dead!

After the resurrection had taken place, Jesus appeared to two disciples as they were walking on the road to Emmaus. They walked and talked with Him, but they did not immediately recognize Him. As they were talking, they began to share with Him about what all had happened regarding Jesus' life, ministry and death.

He spoke to them from the scriptures and explained to them how every prophecy about the Messiah was being fulfilled in front of their very eyes. He showed them how His death was a necessary piece in God's plan for the salvation of humanity.

Their perception of the Messiah was that He would come and rule as an earthly King. But that was not His goal at all. Jesus was meek and lowly, and He came to seek and save those who are lost and enslaved to sin. God has had a plan to redeem humanity since the beginning of time, and Jesus was the fulfillment of that. 

As Jesus left where they were, their eyes were opened and they realized who they had been speaking to. They turned to one-another and said:

"Were not our hearts burning as He was speaking to us?" 

They had a wrong idea of who Jesus really was. Jesus met them in their place of grief, loss and confusion. He spoke truth to them, and reignited their hearts to burn bright for Him.

In my own life, God met me in my darkest moments. He showed grace and mercy when I deserved it the least. When I came to understand the Gospel, my heart was burning, and it changed every part of my life.

The heart of this brand is really about so much more than just making Christian clothes. We want to see people come to know Jesus, and have their hearts set on fire for Him.


Christian streetwear has a powerful way of starting conversations with people that don’t yet know Jesus. It is amazing to hear how the designs and illustrations on Christian apparel can spark curiosity in another person. If you have a story or testimony of how you were able to share the Gospel with someone, we would love to hear it and connect with you. Send us an email at


  • Kathy Smith

    Your message is clear and easy to follow. God always meets where we are, and helps to understand. He does make our hearts burn!!

  • Jenna Taylor

    I love the look for your brand! The images are edgy and eye catching! What better way to start a convo?!

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